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50th Anniversary 2009

Celebrations were held at Dunston Hall Hotel, Nr Norwich. Over a glorious weekend 28 Ex brats plus 23 Ladies attended. The main gathering day Friday 22nd May 2009, was spent catching up on all the gossip as is appropriate when renewing acquaintances, and also making use of the fine amenities available at  the hotel including the fine golf course. It was here that  a new event was added to The European Golf Tour, in the form of ‘The 82nd Open’. Hotly contested by ‘Chas’ Dewar, ‘Rip’ Kirby, ‘Mo’ Conybear and Mike Pond, much time was spent in local woodland, ably assisted by Eileen, Mike’s caddie, studying the local flora and fauna, whilst looking for the odd lost ball!                               

             In the evening we dined casually, a buffet style meal, held in the Bunkers Bar. We welcomed some new faces (that are still coming out of the woodwork), Alan Walker, Nigel and Brenda Bacon and Julian (Yank) Francis. Yank brought with him (still in pristine condition) the original entry banner, which took pride of place in the dining room.

Saturday dawned with weather made for taking in the delights of the local area, which meant for most, the beautiful city of Norwich.

The gathering in full refinery on Saturday evening ready for the celebration dinner. Following the customary photo session, the 82nd Entry was given a rendering of all the old favourites by  piper John Walker (83rd Entry), before being called into dinner by Maurice Conybear  with a fine rendition of General Parade on his cornet. As was to be expected, following a fine meal, drinking and reminiscing went on  until the late hours. Mike Pond gave a "short" address see photo, running through one or two members service careers, showing that some of us had certainly been around a bit. Mike and Martin Harvey had also gone to great trouble and had managed to borrow from the archives details of the entry from day one, and even the final examination marks for all subjects which proved to be of great interest. George Wade provided a rolling display of photos from previous reunions, many other interesting snippets were also on display.

Many thanks to Mike and Eileen Pond for the work they put in to make the weekend such a success.    

Plans have already been made for 2010. Next year we will be meeting at the Hilton Hotel Portsmouth, during the weekend of 28 / 29 of May. The formal dinner will be on the Friday. All information will be available on this site.  If you have any questions prior to that you can contact : Mick Simmons.01428 / 724470 or by email    micksimmons@exbrat.freeserve.co.uk    



  The gathering before dinner                                             Joined by the Ladies.

   Click on the names to veiw full picture.

1. Dave & Jean Ashenden 2. Nigel & Brenda Bacon 3. Sid & Kath Siddon 4. Sid Rew & Ernie King 5. Christine Simmons & Maureen Newton 6. Ian Newton 7. Peter Sage 8. John Hester 9. Nev Goldsmith 10. Alan Walker


11. Christine Goldsmith 12. Carol & Joan Hughes 13. Doreen Hester 14. Carol Hughes 15. Mike Pond & Roly Hughes 16. Mike Pond & John Hymas 17. Dave Pearson 18. Lyn Pearson 19. Julia & Rip Kirby 20. Christine & Maurice Conybear


21. Maureen Dewar 22. Lydia Rew 23. Bryan & Evelyn Gillingham


24. Maggie


25. Glyn Jones 26. Eileen Pond 27. Sheila Spratley 28. Bryn Spratley 29. Mick & Betty Stracey 30. Michelle Jones


31. Chas Dewar 32. John Walker 83rd Piper 33. Christine & Maurice Conybear 34. Julia & Rip Kirby 35. Christina & Mick Simmons 36. Maureen & Chas Dewar 37. Diners before dinner 38.The whole gathering 39. Doreen & John Hester 40. Joyce & Bill Boyd