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1956-1958 82ND Entry RAF HALTON. 3 SQN 1 WING

The only claim to fame during this time, was being promoted to Cpl. App. And for a period being camp Trumpet Major as 1 Wing trumpeters won the competition. 

Posted:-   1959 to 1960   8 FTS RAF SWINDERBY

            Worked in Rectification Flight along with loads of other mad J/T’s 

Posted:-    1960 to 1963 RAF NICOSIA

            Unfortunately on arriving at RAF Innsworth, certain of us were selected for the dubious honour of going to Cyprus on the wonderful HMT Dunera. Rumour had it that it had been sunk twice and some dozy devil brought it back up to the surface.

Worked on Hastings all the time apart from a gap year on the Mobile Oxygen Unit at Nicosia and on being posted back, drove my VW Beetle back overland from Istanbul.

Promoted to Cpl 1962


Posted:-    1963 to 1964 8 FTS SWINDERBY

            Worked in the same Rect Flt until we closed the station ready for recruit training. Choices of posting, Little Rissington or Syerston. Check the next one out 

Posted:-    1964 to 1965 74 SQN RAF LEUCHARS

            Had my first wonderful opportunity to work on the Lightning. Became very good at darts, as the Sqn was just re-equipping with Mk 3’s and I worked on the line and they couldn’t get anything serviceable.



            Promoted to Sergeant in Dec and ran one of the two shifts servicing everything that flew in the far east. 

Posted:-    1966 to 1969 AES RAF CRANWELL

            Worked on Jet Provosts, Varsity’s and Chipmunks as well as anyone’s car that needed fixing. 

Posted:-     1969 to 1972 92 SQN RAF GUTERSLOH

            Renewed my acquaintance with the ruddy Lightning again.

Promoted to C/T and ran one of the shifts as well as the Sqn entertainments.

Main claim to fame, I managed to FOD two engines on one of the aircraft on the reheat pan, on my last working night in Germany. Fortunately, turned out it wasn’t my fault. Negative choices on posting, not Lightning’s and not Lincolnshire. Check the next one. 


            Arrived on TFF with a blue chit and an application for overseas. 

Posted:-    1974 to 1975 56 SQN RAF AKROTIRI

            What can I say, Lightning’s again, wonderful island and some cretins go and start a war. I ended up with 17 people living in my married quarter and we had to sleep at work. Good fun! 

Posted:-   1975 to 1976 56 SQN RAF WATTISHAM

            Lightning’s again and whilst there they split the sqn in half and I ended up running one of the two shifts. 

Posted:-    1976 to 1979 431 MU ENGINE BAY RAF BRUGGEN

            I joined the engine bay which had about thirty eight engine guys stripping Speys, then the Jaguar came to town and I became the SNCO in charge of the Adour strip and build teams and the number of blokes went up to 120 engine guys within a few months. Jeepers, you needed a helluva lot of beer on beer calls. I also read on orders I had been put in charge of the “Fear Dry Inn”, the MU’s own club. Turned out really well, as I enjoyer running bars.

!978 promoted to Flt Sgt after having told they where they could put it twice, so they said ok your promoted, stay in post. Negative choices on posting, not Lightning’s, not Lincolnshire. Check this. 


            SNCO I/C LTF and again arrived with a blue chit and an application for overseas. I also was informed on a day off I had arranged for the flight, that I had to report to SHQ. They informed me that if I didn’t turn up, they would send the Police for me. Anyway, seems someone in Germany had awarded me the BEM, which as everyone knows, should be an OBE. I also read on orders I had been put in charge of the Families Club at Manby. Can’t be bad, had two bars.


Posted:-    1980 to 1983 431 MU ENGINE BAY RAF BRUGGEN

            Back to the same desk, same job, same blokes, and even got put in charge of the “Fear Dry Inn” again. However, this is where my “meteoric” career took a downturn. Fell out with the Flt Lt and my assessments definitely went for a ball of chalk. He thought I was his Clerk. Wrong.!!


Posted:-    1983 to 1986 AES RAF LYNEHAM

            SNCO I/C  a hangar doing minor’s and minor star’s on Fat Alberts.By now I had upped my sights and fell out with Sqn Ldr’s, so posted to “B” line running a shift and fell out with that one as well, so moved to SNCO in charge of Propulsion Repair Flight. Checked with records and they said you have more chance of becoming a Space Shuttle Pilot than being promoted.


DECEMBER 1986 Joined Fields Aircraft Services in Croydon as a Project Engineer and was eventually promoted to Facility Services Manager and Then Deputy Engineering Manager where I was involved in everything from building new engine test facilities to ladies toilets. 1995 I bought a house in Spain right round the corner from a mate who bought one whilst we were at Bruggen together. January 2002 the boss of another company phoned me whilst on holiday in Spain and said I’ve just heard you have been made redundant. Anyway, he said don’t worry, I have a job for you. So I ended up in Abu Dhabi on an UAE Air Force base as a site manager whilst we built a new engine test facility, that lasted two years and as they say the rest is history. I am now happy doing about as much as some people used to accuse me off in the past. At least Spain is sunnier!!!!!