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82nd Entry Reunion 2015


Mikes report on this years gathering.

On Friday 22 May, 19 ex-82nd Entry, RAF Halton ‘Brats’ and 12 ladies assembled at The Telford Hotel and Golf Club, to attend our 28th consecutive annual reunion. After the usual ‘meet and greet’ in the bar from lunchtime onwards, the AGM commenced at 4.30 pm and, this year, we welcomed a new member in 681 John Button (‘Sooty’) and also Tim Hine again after a lengthy absence. Minutes of the 2014 AGM were read by Secretary Martin (‘Trog’) Harvey and approved and the entry fund stood at £793.94 before any 2015 reunion expenses or income.
All gathered again at 6.45 pm for bar drinks followed by our usual Friday evening casual dinner with the start of the usual and expected reminiscing and stories. Saturday morning dawned a little overcast but thankfully dry. After a hearty breakfast, a party departed for a day visit and lunch at the RAF Museum, Cosford and others departed for various local attractions such as the Ironbridge Museum or the like.
The museum tour party were conducted around by Mick Williams, ex-75th, who proved to be a mine of information with regard to all of the exhibits and we enjoyed a pretty much full day and lunch. However, somewhat sadly, I was surprised that I could find no information associated with the Halton Apprenticeship scheme despite consulting various museum staff.
After drinks in the bar, the formal dinner was held on the Saturday evening and we all enjoyed excellent fare, much chat as one might expect and good company. The raffle on the night raised £170 to the entry fund. Many thanks to those who contributed prizes. The Chairman welcomed all attending, extended apologies for those unable to attend this year and thanked Martin and Maggie Harvey for choosing such a great venue and organising a really great weekend that we all seemed to enjoy.
David Trigg and George Wade are combining their energy and efforts to organise Reunion 2016 and are currently considering a venue in Stratford upon Avon. Next year we will celebrate 60 years since we all signed the dotted line and hope to make this a very special occasion. We will keep you informed as matters progress.

The Cosford contingent.

A couple of stars from our era.



All seated to dine, have we missed anyone?

Tim Hine with George Wade .

LaurieLaurie and Cynth.

Mike and Dave



A couple of faces caught on the patio enjoying a few beers.
jb ..ms..mar
..........John ................................... Mick ..................................Martin (the Organiser)

dp ..bk
Dave P ...............................Rip