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82nd Entry Reunion 2018

Was held at the Holiday Inn Weston Turville, 10th to 12th May 2018.




Our hosts this year were .....

George Wade and Mick Simmons.


The Ex-82nd ‘Brats’ assembled at The Holiday Inn, Weston Turville,  from Thursday 10 May through to Saturday 12 May, for our 31st consecutive annual reunion, almost 60 years since departing RAF No. 1 School  TT, for the wider RAF. So, there we were, domiciled for a few days close to “Home,” as we now nostalgically term RAF Halton. However, did we ever consider this to be the case when enduring the trials and tribulations of those three years between January 1956 and graduation in December 1958, I ask myself??
After an ‘alfresco’ Friday evening buffet, with wine and the almost inevitable and historical chat and remembrances’, Saturday morning dawned overcast and just a little ‘chilly’, as we assembled, including the ladies, for the short journey to RAF Halton. There, at St. George’s Church, we were met by the forever stalwart, Min Larkin and we spent a while in the church, gazing at all those varied and magnificent windows. I am sure many were thinking, ‘What is its destiny’ with the threatened closure looming ahead? Then, on to The Tribute for a short while and photographs of all before the issue of station security passes and onwards, in convoy, to Maitland-Groves Museum and The James McCudden Flight Heritage Centre. By now, Min had returned home by car and was back, astride his trusty cycle, with accompanying streamlined, aerodynamically efficient safety helmet!!
On to Halton House for a buffet lunch and presentation of a small gift to Min and his good lady for services rendered. Post lunch, a short brief on the history of the house followed by a short tour. Many, many thanks to Min for organising such an enjoyable and informative visit, enjoyed by us all.

Ready to dine.

Saturday night was the scene for our formal dinner, with 19 Ex-Brats and 14 ladies. After dinner, our very special guests were introduced, namely Mike (ex-70th) and Hilary Evans. Mike gave an embracing talk including some of his service experiences, including being Station Commander at Halton and updated us on some of the initiatives currently being supported by perhaps, ‘the more enlightened,’ in an endeavour to avoid the demise of the Association and to preserve our precious Halton Heritage. Hilary was presented with a bouquet by Lydia. The evening terminated with the annual raffle raising £175 to entry funds.
Thanks to George Wade and Mick Simmons for putting it all together, to Lydia for her magnificent floral table centres and all for making the journey. We all departed after a good breakfast on the Sunday morning. Reunion 2019 is to be organised by Mick Stracey at Hotel Port Dinorwic, Y Felinheli, (you try pronouncing it, cannot!!)  Gwynedd.  LL56 4XA.  Details will be circulated in due course.


Gentlemen please find below minutes of the Annual Meeting
held at the Holiday Inn on Saturday 12th May 2018.

In attendance
Mike Pond - Chairman, Martin Harvey - Secretar, Mick Stracey, Sid Rew, Glyn Jones, Mick Simmons,
Ernie King, Nigel Bacon, George Wade, Dave Pearson, John Donovan, Maurice Conybear, Chas Dewar
Brian Kirby, Richard White, Tim Hines

Apologies were received from:-
Al Richardson, Dave Ashenden, Bruce Garbett, John Button, John Humphries, Sid Siddon, Ian Newton, Pete Fill, Dave Cox, Peter Sage, Al Doughty and Dave Triggs.

The meeting commenced at 17.00 hours with the Chairman welcoming all to the reunion  marking the 60th  anniversary of our graduation and the 31st Reunion as well giving the apologies for absence as above.
The secretary read the minutes of the last meeting which were proposed as being a fair record  by Chas Dewar , seconded by Dave Pearson   accepted and signed by the chairman as a true record of the meeting.
matters arising, It was proposed that the charge of £20.00 per head for the 2018 reunion would be cancelled, agreed and accepted by all present.

The Chairman reported that the entry account was standing at £590.06 as of the date of the meeting.
The report was accepted by the meeting.
A statement of account was circulated and copy is attached.

 Cheque signatures
The authorised signatories remain as :-
Nigel Bacon, Brian Kirby. These are in addition to the current signatories:- Jim Robson, Michael Pond, Michael Simmonds.

Nigel Bacon & Margaret Ironside were thanked for making the arrangements for the great 2017 reunion at East Midlands Airport Hilton  for which the members expressed great satisfaction at and very happy memories.
George Wade proposed that a donation of £20.00  be made to the Halton Station Church ; agreed by all.

2019 Reunion
Michael Stracey very kindly offered to organise the next  2019 reunion at the Hotel Port Dinowic , arrangements will be advised shortly by Michael to fall within the dates of the 7th to 16th of May 2019 the price to be similar to what is being paid at the Holiday Inn Aylesbury (or less) for the same arrangements.
Proposed by Richard White, Seconded by Mick Simmonds , unanimously agreed .
John Donovan who lives reasonably close to the hotel kindly offered to assist Michael with the arrangements when requested, this was accepted by all.

2020 Reunion
Maurice Coneybear offered to arrange the 2020 reunion and proposed the Quality Hotel , The Belfry near Cambridge; this offer was gratefully accepted by all and Maurice will report on progress at the next reunion.

82nd Entry Website
Brian Kirby provided a report on the website.

The meeting closed at 17.55 hours.

Ex-82nd Entry RAF Apprentices
Financial Statement as at 02 May 2018

Balance at Reunion 2017:  
Raffle proceeds 2017:
Flower sales:

Raffle prizes 2017:
Website cheque (22 May) 2017.
Website domain invoice cheque (6 August)

Final balance after deductions at 02 May 2018:         


£  20;00

£  21.51
£... 8.08
£  29.99