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681534  A/A  SYD REW                      

3 SQN.  1 WING

82nd ENTRY  

            Arrived at Halton aged 15 1/2yrs.,  3 days inside the legal minimum age limit although I didn't know that at the time, and soon figured I would need a "skive to survive".  Tried Fencing and learning to play the cornet in the Military Band, but was hopeless, eventually settled on Football (Aylesbury and District minor league), and Tenor Drummer in the Pipe band (Royal Tournaments, Lord Mayors Shows, Garden Parties & Fetes,etc.) , a real good skive that one. Managed to pass out J/T in the middle of the pack, having managed to dodge any form of promotion, and was packed off to R.A.F. Lyneham along with a bunch of the guys.  

            1959 to 1963.  R.A.F. Lyneham.  Sent to work in the Avon engine bay (Comet Cmk2 and Cmk4), interesting work with some nice blokes, and manufacturers courses, but a bit like working in a factory, still, couldn't complain too much. Promoted Cpl/Tech, got married to Swindon girl, Norma,  had son Robert,who is now Manager I/T at an insurance company, and he has three daughters.  

            1963 to 1966. Posted to R.A.A.F. Butterworth. 60 Sqn Javelins. This was more like it, a real sod to get airborne, it was a real challenge but we managed ok. Promoted Snr. Tech., played state soccer and rugby, (the seasons alternated out there), had daughter Tracey, who works at an insurance company and she has one daughter.  

            1966 to 1967. Disaster, posted back to Lyneham , in the same engine bay working on the Proteus engine. Put in charge of  Receipt & Dispatch, which meant I had my own electric crane to play with. I applied for  Flight Engineer training to escape.  

            1967. Surprise Surprise, selected for Flight Engineer training at R.A.F. Topcliffe, in Yorkshire , back to school with a bang and then flying training on Varsities.  

            1967 to 1968. Conversion training to C130 Hercules at R.A.F. Thorney Island .  

            1968 to 1970. 47 Squadron R.A.F. Fairford and was let loose on my own as Flight Engineer.  

            1970 to 1973. 70 Squadron Akrotiri in Cyprus . What a ball Ė played soccer & water skiing and generally had a great time and so did the family!  

            1973 to 1976. 10 Squadron V.C.10ís at R.A.F. Brize Norton. Whilst there I managed to complete my Civilian Licenses, then applied for PVR discharge which was accepted.  

            1976 to 1981. Joined British Airways on V.C.10ís Ö.. Wow what a difference.  I stayed with them until they were retired from service. I then took 6months paid leave while waiting for a course. I got a job at a Private Airfield in Hampshire working on vintage and light aircraft, it was hard but rewarding.  

            1982 to 1985 Conversion to Lockheed Tristars L1011, flying mainly to the Middle East, India , & Africa . It was great fun & very sociable. During this time I got divorced from Norma but we remain best of friends to this day, Indeed recently she got remarried to a Load Master friend of ours from C130 days.  

            1985 to 1995. Conversion to B747ís  the best Flight Engineers Aircraft, and flying Worldwide. During this period I got married to Lydia ( saved the best to last!!) I retired in June 1995 but they couldnít live without me ( shortage of Engineers) and was asked to come back for a period of time. My last flight was Newark to Heathrow in November 1999, ever since then I have been thoroughly enjoying my retirement, although Iím still travelling extensively with Lydia ( Iím usually in First Class being served by her Ö itís the only way to travel!)