Allan Walker 681585 3 Wing I am currently living in Burnley, Lancashire and am fully retired. When I passed out at Halton I was posted back to the Armoury as Cpl Walker awaiting OCTU course at South Cerney. I Joined No 133 Course on 5th Feb along with Chaz Taplin and one other whose name I cannot remember. We passed out on 29th May 1959 and I then went on to RAF Thorney Island as a trainee Navigator. I was re-coursed once and finally one month from Wings was "chopped" having flown Varsities, Valettas and Meteor NF14s. In 1960 I remustered to the Equipment Branch, and did my "Equippers" course at Kirton in Lindsey. ( I wanted to return to being an Armourer but the powers that be would only let me do so if I reverted to Cpl.) Had an interesting career in the Supply world as I specialised in both Movements and Explosives. Saw overseas tours in El Adem 1960-62, Labuan 1966, 431MU 1972-74. Did 2 tours at MOD and 3 at HQ Support Command. Also did a tour on UKMAMS and JATE as OC Airportability. I retired from the RAF, as a Squadron Leader, in August 1986 to start a new career and was on the dole for 2 years. I eventually ended up with BAE at Samlesbury where I spent 3 years as the Supply "expert" providing information for a Supply Squadron which was to be built in a new airfield at Al Sullail (in the Empty Quarter) in Saudi Arabia. The project was shelved by the Saudis but I eventually found myself working for the RSAF at Dhahran. I spent my time in the Supply Depot at Dhahran, purchasing spares for the RSAF Tornadoes, Hawks and F15s. After 12 1/2 years I retired in 2005. I married my first wife in 1960 and have one daughter and 2 sons through this marriage. She unfortunately died in 1983 and I remarried in 1986, picking up another 2 daughters. As a result, between the 5 of them, Barbara & I now have 11 grandchildren and are very happily settled down in Burnley. I spend a good deal of my spare time helping out with the Air Cadets (1104 Pendle) Squadron. We both like travelling and have been to India,Thailand and last year we went to the Olympic Games in Beijing. We spent 7 weeks touring China and Australia, visiting Xian, the Yangtze river, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore. Then on to Sydney and Queensland. We have just returned from a two week cruise in the Caribbean.