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SERVICE CAREER                      

R.A.F HALTON            The 1(A) wing contingent of the 82nd Entry were altogether in block 9 for a few

JAN 1956-DEC 1958            weeks, then we were dispersed around the wing, two to a room. I was put in block 10 room 6 where I stayed for 2 years before moving to block 16 room 2, then in our last term block 15 room 1.


R.A.F. COTTESMORE            After arriving at Cottesmore I was put on an electronics centre fitting party and

JAN 1959-JAN 1963            was sent on the following detachments:

Feb -Aug 1959 R.A.A.F. Butterworth where I was awarded the G.S.M. for Malaya.

Apr –Jun 1960 R.A.F. Changi, Jun -Aug 1960 R.A.F. Akrotiri

Apr -Jul 1961 R.A.F. Changi, Feb –Jun 1962 R.A.F. Tengah

I got married in Gravesend Kent in June 1962.


R.A.F. KHORMAKSAR            Posted to Khormaksar and promoted Corporal. Had several trips up to the Radfan

JAN 1963-JAN 1965                to fix refrigeration equipment, awarded the G.S.M. 1962 for South Arabia and Radfan. 


R.A.F. SCAMPTON            Worked on Vulcan ground equipment.  Allocated a married quarter at

JAN 1965-FEB 1967        R.A.F Hemswell.  Daughter born in October 1965.


R.A.F. GAN                            Worked in the Ground Electrical Section, promoted to Sergeant in April 1967.

FEB 1967-FEB 1968               


R.A.F. OAKINGTON               Signed on to complete 22 years whilst at Oakington.

FEB 1968-MAY 1970


R.A.F. HENDON                Arrived at Hendon to take charge of the Electrical  Section of the Exhibition and

MAY 1970- FEB 1973                Design Unit.  Promoted to Chief Technician in April 1972.  Son born in July 1970.


R.A.F. HALTON                Returned to Halton on Trade Testing duties.

FEB 1973-FEB 1974


GUAM                                                   Went on the R.A.F. attachment to the U.S.A.F. Anderson Base.

FEB 1974-NOV 1974                Maintained ground equipment for the R.A.F. aircraft staging through.  Awarded the Long Distance and Good Conduct Medal.


R.A.F. ODIHAM                Bought our first house in Basingstoke after years in married quarters. 

NOV 1974-JUL 1976                Took voluntary redundancy.




MARCONI                                          Started working for Marconi Space and Defence Systems in Frimley as a

JUL 1976-JUL 1979                Technical Author preparing user manuals for the tracker radar for the rapier missile.


SMITHS INDUSTRIES                Joined Smiths Industries as a Technical Author preparing manuals for aircraft

JUL 1979-JUN 1997                instruments, for both civil and military aircraft.  Made redundant in June 1997.


LODDON                       Started working for a registered charity as the manger of a rehabilitation

(CHARITABLE TRUST)                workshop for the physically and mentally disabled.