Ian {Rugger Noo} Newton His life and times, or ( Empire and Cold War; My part in their downfall? ) RAF Halton Last term “Snag”, three lots of “jankers”, passed out somewhere in the middle. Rugby for station [App level]. No other redeeming features what so ever. RAF Swinderby [Lincs] 8 FTS Flying Training Cmd 1959 - 61 Aircraft – Venom Mk 5s, Vampire T11s. With Joe Melvin and Alan Ponting. Rank- Junior/Tech. Rugby for unit, Newark and Flying Training Cmd. Learned to drink and married Maureen. Should that be the other way round? RAF Tengah, [ S’pore.] 20 Sqdn FEAF 1961 - 64 Aircraft – Hunter FGA 9s With Mike Pond. Rank Cpl/Tech. Rugby for unit and FEAF. Detachments to fend off various invading hoards –Korat & Chieng Mai [N/E Thailand], Labuan & Kuching [British Borneo]. No medals but improved on the drinking with the Aussies at RAAF Butterworth. [another detachment] RAF Marham [Norfolk] ASF 1964 - 67 Aircraft - Valiant BI, Victor B2 and Tankers With Martin Harvey & Mike Pond. Rank Sgt. Rugby for unit and Norwich. Detachments to Cyprus and Butterworth again, with all that previous F/East Tiger supping knowledge. Minor ring twitter on way to Butterworth when the VC 10 pilot informed us that we had been painted by an extremely serious Israeli air defense/attack radar and to watch out for fighters, were we bovered, Yes! It was that 6 day war. During the Valiant/Victor change over carried out a major servicing on an “Annie”. Am I the only one to have made use of that fabrics phase? RAF Bruggen [Germany] 213 Sqdn 1967 - 69 Aircraft - Canberra B [i] 6 Rank Sgt. Rugby for unit. Detachments to Norway, Denmark & Greece. Ist NATO Sqdn into Greece after the Army Coup. Couple of exhilarating low level trips around Germany in these old but venerable aircraft. Oh yes! Liked the beer and schnapps. Trip to Berlin to shout “ yah boo” at those chaps from the East across the wall at “Check Point Charlie”. RAF St Athan [ S Wales ] Maintenance Cmd 1969 – 71 3rd Line Structural Repair. Rank Sgt. No rugby, the pitches are all on the sides of mountains, besides the Welsh were to good in those days, but you could always get a ticket for the Arms Park. Some good beer up the valleys! Trip down a coal mine, don’t fancy that job. Joined the Sgts Mess escape committee. Red star on your door after one year at Saints. Who posted me here? RMAF Kuala Lumpur [ Malaysia ] Seconded 1971 – 74 Aircraft - Doves, Devon’s, HP Heralds & HS 125s of the PMs Flt. Rank Chief/Tech. Rugby for unit, RMAF & Malaysian Combined Services. Round robin flight in 1 st HS 125 to Rangoon, Chieng Mai & Bangkok as flying maintenance with Tom Brown of the 86 th . Sad to say this posting was my rugby swan song, getting blind and slow. It was age not the Tiger in case you wondered. This was also where I closed down the Empire!! Lots of exotic hols on this one. RAF College Cranwell [ Lincs ] ASF 1974 - 78 Aircraft - Jet Provosts Mks 3 and 5 Rank Chief/Tech. Lots of flying here [passenger]. Became the flying ground crew boss for The Poachers Aerobatic Team which often meant going into the flying display with the team. Some hairy moments with my hands not far from the seat handle, can confirm an adrenalin rush beats booze and sex. Also had the pleasure of being the ground crew boss [Snco level] when “Charlie Boy” came for his refresher. His mum also gave me a medal for The Poachers stuff and looking after Her lad. RAF St Athan [ S Wales ] Production Control 1978 - 80 Production Controller for General Engineering Rank Flt/Sgt Good and interesting post but trade group 5 are sometimes difficult to get on with. Who is this guy who keeps sending me here? Re-joined the escape committee, over the wire 22 months later. RAF Cottesmore TTTE [ Rutland ] Stk Cmd Eng Records 1980 - 85 Aircraft - Tornado GR 1 Documentation control Rank Flt/Sgt Another interesting job as we worked closely with the German & Italian Air Forces in bringing the 1 st Tornado GR 1s into service. This was the start of my “interregnum” years and the booze caught up with me via a drink and drive rap, so no WO for me. But the GAF beer fests were terrific. RAF Brampton [ Huntingdonshire] HQRAF Sup Cmd 1985 - 87 Tech docs stuff and QA roll office. Rank Flt/ Sgt The best about this job was that at any time I fancied a change I could jump in a Mini and clear off to a Flying Training Unit on some pretext or other. Within reason anyway. Getting weary of RAF life now. RAF Cottesmore TTTE [Rutland] Strike Cmd 1987 – 88 Aircraft - Tornado GR 1 Snco i/c Structures Bay, Hydraulic Bay & Wheels, Tires and Brake Units. As previously mentioned I’d come full circle and was tired of it all, plus promotion was out and I had stopped the Cold War, with the help of a few others you understand, so called it a day after a year here. Although Taff Cooksey and myself saved the MOD quite a few quid and aircraft downtime by getting the air force to to take on in house throttle box maintenance. I understand Taff received a good monetary pay out from MOD. Where’s my whack Taff? So the end of the line for the military and my part in it and on to civilian life. Not a difficult transition as I had mentally prepared myself for some years.Well sort of! Between 1988 and 1997 bought into two pubs, one in Norfolk { the Swan } and one in Northants { the George }. 10 years ,5 each. Some of you were kind enough to visit. Pub life is hard work and never ending, give me the military any day. But it was a good experience. So was the alcoholism!!! From 1997 to 2004 I worked for Corby Boro’ Council and Northants Police as a CCTV operative catching the odd ne’re-do-well and hobbledehoy. The job was OK but there were many hrs of boredom. But my RAF background came in good use when I took on the writing of a couple of operating manuals. 2004 - Interregnum” over, and Maureen and I are happily retired in Grantham. MADE IT. Postscript Looking back over these pages, I think life was one 40 year paid piss up. This exciting resume can be purchased in hardback for a small donation.