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The Royal Air Force Apprentices Memorial at the National Arboretum
HALTON GROVE at the National Arboretum
We have sent a contribution of £20 towards the cost of a window dedicated to Sir Frank Whittle, I am sure all our members will condon
Idle Chatter If you have anything relevant that you would like to share with our members then please let me have it, ideas, photos, stories, experiences in fact anything we can publish. LATEST NEWS A message from Mike Stracey, to inform you of the passing of Enid, wife of Bruce Garbett. The funeral arrangements are as follows: 2nd Feb 2022, at 2:30p.m. at Lincoln Crematorium. Post Cremation. Mill Lodge, Lincoln. Anyone interested in attending please inform Mike by Friday 21st January so he can let Bruce know numbers. ******** Details of the 2022 Reunion are now on site. Just click here to go straight there. Updated 16 th January 2022. ******** Mike has sent me a couple of poems for your enjoyment. They are at the bottom of this page just scroll down. Put on site 21 st October 2021. ******** Here is a little poem that came to light at this years reunion. How many of you recall it from the distant past? ...................................... THE DUAL RELAY VALVE When e'er the pilot wants to 'brake', A pull on lever he must make, And by this action he is able,To strain upon Bowden cable. This makes the Transverse lever rise, Which takes the Push-rod by surprise, And this in turn, to fit the scheme,Will act upon the floating beam. Now pivot point of beam, you'll see, At Elevator rod will be, So fluted plunger has to drop, Until it comes against it's stop. This means Exhaust Valve has been closed, And it can rightly be supposed, That air, which soon will enter here, Will not escape to atmosphere. Then pivot point, it may seem strange, To fluted plunger end will change, So Elevator rod must shift, And cause the Inlet Valve to lift. The air comes, in the pressure builds, So regulator barrel yeilds, Whilst this goes on the Pivot point, Is where the push rod makes it's joint. The Floating beam thus downward goes, Allowing Inlet Valve to close, And when it's seat it rests upon, We can, with truth, say "Brakes are on". ..................................... .............. .Anon. oooOOOooo A gathering of 82nd members at the last Trienniel. Here we have a couple of odes which may remind you of happy days gone by:
L to R. Ginge Dyson, George Wade, Ernie King, Sid Siddon, John Hester, Mike Pond, Mick Stracey, Harry Holmes and Peter Scott. Insert Mick Simmons who went walk about for the photo.