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                         John Humphries                                       

                   Aircraft Apprentice 681624                            

                             2 Wing 2 Sqdn.                                      


1956 1964 RAF Service

58 58 Halton Apprentice

My only recognition of my Halton experience was that overall I did not find it too pleasant. For me I think it was hard to adjust initially , I can recall having at least two fights with other apprentices in the early days this was probably good for me and brought me into line, living and sharing with others! On the sports front I can recall representing Halton at swimming, running many cross country`s, and coming off my motor bike in Berkhampstead Hign St and being prodded by an old lady with an umbrella, and the owner asking menacingly are you an apprentice from Halton?

RAF Binbrook 6 months

The Queens Flight 36 months

Trainee Sgt Pilot 6 months

Instructor at Melksham 6 months

Discharge by purchase - 1964


1964 1998 Honeywell Control Systems


Technical Clerk Greenford Middlesex

Sales Engineer -  Brentford Middlesex

1968 1972  Branch Sales Manager

1973 1978  Southern Regional Sales Manager

1981 1989  Sales Manager new Opteolectronic acquisition

1990 1995  Divisional Manager Opteolectronics Division

1995 1998  Divisional Director Business unit Manager Europe


1998 2001 Consultant Optical data Solutions Ltd


2001 2003 One of the Founders of Avalon Photonics Ltd Badenerstrs. 569

Zurich Switzerland.


2003 - Retired