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Maurice (Schmo) Conybear  9/2/40

Electrical Fitter (Air)

1Squadron 3 Wing


Halton Highlights, January 1956 to Dec 1958

Joined the band as Trumpeter ( no previous experience). Played at Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday, 1957 and 1958 and Royal Tournament same years

Was Commandants Trumpeter 1957. ( won Band competition)

Not a notable sportsman but played basketball for 3 Wing in BK Trophy.

Had a mate (Dave Dowlman) who was a good runner though.

Managed to graduate Junior Technitian

First Posting RAF Scampton, Lincolnshire.


1959       Sent on Vulcan 1 course at A.V.Roe . Woodford along with Alan (Lofty) Hull also of  82nd..There met up with 5 others of our entry from  Finningley and Waddington .

               Served with 617 Squadron (Damnbusters). Accompanied 4 Vulcans on flag showing trip Eastwards to Australia and New Zealand, returning Westwards via Hawaii and US

1961       Sent on Mk 2 Vulcan course at Woodford and joined 83 Sqdn

1964       Promoted to Corporal. 3 Month detachment in Goose Bay Canada followed by unaccompanied tour in Labuan, Borneo. Assigned to 110 Sqdn with Whirlwind Mk 10 Helicopters . Volunteered as crewman and spent most of the year at Bario, the forward base with 2nd 6th Ghurka Regiment.

1965       Prom to Sgt, CFS Little Rissington

1966       CSDE Swanton Morley on permanent detachment at MOD Harrogate

1967       Course to transfer to new Trade Aircraft Fitter Electrical.

1970        Promoted to Chief Tech. Loan service to Kenya Air Force, Nairobi. On the job training of Kenyan airmen on servicing BAC 167 Aircraft

1973       RAF Lechonfield, 60 MU Lightning aircraft Major Servicing

1974       Course to convert to Flight Simulators followed by posting to Honnington then Laarbruch on the Buccaneer Flight Simulator

1978       Left RAF on redundancy scheme for trade of AFE.  22 years service but 20 years pensionable

1978       Flight Simulator Engineer with Britannia Airways at Luton.

1989       Engineering Manager then Manager of Monarch Airlines Flight Simulator Dept.

1999       Simulator Dept taken over by Boeing - became  Manager of Alteon Training Flight Crew Training Centre at Luton Airport.

2005        Feb 28th Retired.  Now full time golfer and layabout.