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George Wade has suggested that we have a page for photographs, our days at Halton. Later pictures from the reunions, plus any others that you may deem to be of interest to our members. Another problem which we all seem to suffer from as we grow more mature is, we do not seem capable of putting names to faces or even remembering a name in the first place. 

To help us all in this I would like to call on you all to assist in putting names to the faces on photographs which are put up on the site. These can then be published to help those interested to recall those lost (dwindling) memories.


82nd Entry 2 Wing 1956     

Pete Stark

Brian Toombs


John Candish

George Wade David Edwards

Bob Goodrum

Arthur Warner

Alan Hodson Ernie ? Brian Turner John Golton Wilbur Wright 14 15

Terry Earley

Butch ?

Alan Lowe


John Humphries

Ray Ridgeway Jim Robson Nigel Balchin 24 Rob Dyson Lou Pixton Pete Smith 28 29 Mike Pond Ron McLaren

Richard Ashworth

David Benden 34 Willie Wilcox 36 37 38 39 Terry Mitchell 41 Bob Pratt 43 Dan Reavey 45 Geoge Mitchell Cyril Dale Brian Newbury Glyn Jones John Taylor
Andy Stead Colin Lines 53 Allan Walker David Triggs 56 Nev Goldsmith Mick Berry Ian Shiach Brian Legg ?? Harrison 62 Ginge Breacker Geoff Johnson Mick Pochin Tim Hine
John Foster 68 Iain Law Pete Fill Dave Forster 72 Mick Simmons W/O Carter Paddy Downey Brian Wilson 76 John Hodge Bernard Ferrier Shorty Fox Dave Ward
                         Can you put a name to any of the faces? 
                    If so let me know by using the grid location number, e.g.  No 74, W/O Nick Carter 2 Wing Warrant Officer. 

82nd Entry 1 Wing 1956

Julian Francis Pete Gaffney Roly Genny Dave Bristow   Mike Ashenden Tony Bune Dave Brookes Gypo Doidge 9 10 Chas Taplin Doug Craig 13 Butch Spencer Mick Elliott Obrien Spider Brown Dave Blackwell
19 Andy Cooper Barry Avis  Phil Viggers Jim Fry 24 25 Tubby Patterson 27 Brian Kirby Dave Pearson John Button 31 Geordie Hall Gittens Al Price
Dave Cox Brian Fisher Laurie Clark Mike Dinsmore Cyril Crow John Cornish Ray Wilkinson Curly Hughes Bruce Garbett Jim McNeil Bill Boyd Frank Hoverhagel Dave Archer Bryan Gillingham 49 Morpeth

Butch Sanders

Harold Holmes Syd Rew    Dave Marshall Tony Parker 56 Gigs Ladlow Glyn Jones Richard White John Hester Keith Varney Mac Tribe Dave Read Doug Pirie Peter Gumsley 66 Fred Boyt Dave Saxton
John Hollingsworth Bert Edwards Taff Davies Allen Pete Smith Mike Stanton Sgt Davidson Sgt Scullion Sgt Parry Mendy Fred Stroud Terry Wakefield Colin Whitwell Jock Dalgleish Ernie King