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82nd Entry Reunion 2021 Caley Hall Hotel The 82nd Entry Annual Reunion 2021 Mike Pond our Entry Secretary and organiser of this years reunion has kindly penned the following report on the event. which will be forwarded for publishing in The Haltonian. Some eleven members of the 82 nd Entry and their ladies, whom always grace such occasions, finally totalling 20, gathered at Caley Hall, Old Hunstanton, Norfolk, in week beginning 11 October, for our rescheduled 33 rd annual reunion, not counting 2020, that was cancelled in view of the Covid pandemic. Unfortunately, there were a number of late cancellations, mainly for medical reasons. Guess that is somewhat inevitable in terms that longevity takes its toll! Some arrived on the Monday and several stayed through until the following Saturday. The weather was really good to us and expeditions to local locations were in order, such as The Sandringham Estate, RSPB Titchwell, Wells next-the –sea, Hunstanton and other local resorts. Some walked and explored the wild and lovely beaches that abound in the area, sniffed the ozone and the sea air and then returned to the lounge bar for a late afternoon chat, with tea or sometimes something a trifle stronger to fortify for the evening gatherings. We enjoyed, in the exclusive restaurant area allocated to us, a sumptuous hot buffet on the Tuesday evening and a delightful 3 course formal dinner on the Wednesday evening, along with some pleasant wines. As you might imagine and expect, oft repeated stories of past global experiences and events were exchanged, old monochrome photographs were perused along with a few more accompanying liquid refreshments. Most departed on the Thursday morning, after a hearty breakfast and at the AGM, a decision was agreed, to return to the same venue, in May next year that will, all things being equal, restore our annual event date. As arrangements for May 2022 mature I will keep you up to speed. Looking forward to meeting you all once again next year with great anticipation. Entry Badge with Citation Made by and Auctioned by Mike Pond.