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The Royal Air Force Apprentices Memorial at the National Arboretum
HALTON GROVE at the National Arboretum
We have sent a contribution of £20 towards the cost of a window dedicated to Sir Frank Whittle, I am sure all our members will condon
Where are they now? We have had some spurious emails to some of our members, it is thought that maybe the source of the email addesses was from our site here. To eliminate this suspicion the email addresses have been removed from this site. If anyone requires this information at any time the please contact me (Brian Kirby on 07720538600) and I will provide the address. For contact details for those named below contact web master.
Ashenden Dave (Ginge). Foster John, Pearson Dave. Barrand Clive. Foster Dave. Pond Mike. Bendon Dave (Dai). Garbett Bruce. Read Dave. Boast Dickie. Gardener Brian. Reavey Dan. Boyd Bill. Goldsmith Nev. Rew Syd. Breaker Paul. Gumsley Peter. Richardson Gil (Ricky). Bristow Dave. Harvey Martin (Trog). Ridgeway Ray. Brookes Dave. Hester John. Robson Jim. Button John. Hollingsworth John. Sage Pete. Cawthorne Roger. Holmes Harry. Scott Peter. Clark Lawrie (Joe). Hughes Roly. Searle Doug. Coneybear Maurice. Humphries John. (NZ) Siddon Eric. Cornish John. Hymas John. Simmons Mick. Cox Dave. Jeffery Phil (Jeff). Stark Pete. Crow Cyril (Snowy). Jones Glyn. Stracey Mick. Dalgleish Dave. Kirby Brian. Triggs Dave (Ginge). Dewar Charles. Lowe Alan. Wade George. Donovan John. McLaren Ron. Walker Alan. Dyson Rob (Ginge). McNeil Jim. Wilkinson Ray. Earley Terry (Slim). Melvin Joe. White Richard. Eva Les. Newton Ian. Worner Jim. Fill Pete. (Klaus). We also have a data base of names and addresses, anyone not listed above please, enquire, here
682036 Hopkinson Warwick John. 2001.
589938 Seaman John Paul Not Known 681599 Smithson Robert Muttit Not Known. 681094 Worthey John Walter. Not Known. 681690 Doidge John Charles. Not Known. 681697 Fry James Henry. Not Known. 681555 Law Ian William. 14th Nov 1960. 681575 Firth John (Killed in Service). 25th August 1964. 681586 Trimmer David Charles.(See photos below) 9th May 1973. 681471 Evans William Griffith. 27th July 1983. 681605 Matthews Brian E. 1986. 681246 Shipp James William, 27th Dec 1994. 681607 Taplin Charles Michael. January 1995. 681474 Huddy David Royal. May 1999. 681646 Dale Cyril Norman. 24th Dec 1999. 681494 Ough Dennis. July 2000. 681503 Candish A.J. (Died in U.S.A.) 14th May 2004. 681231 Pirie Douglas Keith. 14th April 2010. 681623 Goodrum John Robert. February 2011. 681702 Turnbull John. 16th June 2015. 681782 Croft Colin. 7th July 2015. 681514 Pixton John (Louie). February 2017. 681696 Francis Julian L. (Yank). February 2017 681780 Spratley Redfers Bryn. February 2018. 681700 Gillingham Bryan A. 23rd May 2019 681508 Taylor John. (Spud). 19th June 2019. We Will Remember Them
David (Al) Charles Trimmer (681586) We received the following photo's from a colleague of Al's, Griff Griffiths of the 102nd Entry, who on visiting Thorney Island recently visited the 12th Century Church overlooking Emsworth harbour. He thought some of you may like to see where Al is at rest.
The Cemetry
The Church at Emsworth
Al’s Headstone.